2019 EPiC Journey Against Diabetes – London, UK to Hamburg, DE


Edwin’s 1,200 kilometer EPiC Journey Against Diabetes for 2019 will start in London, United Kingdom.   Edwin will ride his bicycle through the countries of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and finish in Hamburg, Germany in time for the Rotary International Convention.

Planned start date of Edwin’s EPiC Journey Against Diabetes is May 21st, 2019 from the amazing city of London, UK.

Living with type-1 diabetes, this is Edwin’s 4th EPiC Journey to raise awareness about the growing Global Diabetes Epidemic.  From Busan to Seoul, South Koreas (2016); from the Rotary Club of Paul Harris, Rotary/ONE in Chicago, Illinois though America’s Diabetes Belt to Atlanta, Georgia (2017);  from Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois through the Birthplace of Insulin (London, ON) to Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2018).

For 2019, Edwin starts from the home city of the First  Chartered Rotary Club outside of North America, London UK and ride to Dover UK.  After crossing the English Channel, from Calais to Dunkirk, FR and Oostende, BE continuing to Flanders Region of Belgium. The journey passes through The Hague, Naarden & Zwolle of The Netherlands.  Edwin will pedal through Meppen and Bremen, DE finishing in time for the Hamburg, DE Rotary Convention.

Over 425 million have diabetes around the world.  Sadly, 3.8 milion deaths are  caused by diabetes and high blood glucose each year.  That is greater than the number of people living in Brussels, BE, Amsterdam, NL and Hamburg, DE, combined!  If we do not do anything about the fast-spreading Global Diabetes Epidemic, the future numbers will grow exponentialy.

Help support the work of Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes to help address the Global Diabetes Epidemic.  Join and ride with Edwin, part of the route and/or engage your Rotary Clubs along the way.  Cities will be anounced soon.

Edwin’s epic journey is difficult physically for any person, let alone for someone that do not have the ability to produce insulin, a defeciency in metabolizing nutrition to energy (type-1 diabetes).  Learn about What Is Diabetes?

Let’s talk about what we can do to help the diabetes public health crisis and do something about it.  Donate to RAG-Diabetes’ Give Life Project to provide life-giving insulin and blood glucose management provisions to children and families suffering from type-1 diabetes and some advanced type-2 diabetes who are living under the poverty line in some of the poorest countries in the world.  Insulin is source of life.donate-button-blue-3d.png

If you are interested in getting involved with the 2019 EPiC Journey Against Diabetes, please Contact Us.