Edwin Velarde is riding his bicycle on an epic 600+ kilometers journey from Busan to Seoul, SK to raise funds for Polio Plus… more

See what Rotary Leaders are saying:

“In October 2014, I joined a part of the EPiC Challenge 200 kilometer bike ride from Paso Robles to the coast of Monterey, California.  The ride was organized by Edwin Velarde to raise funds for Polio Plus.  It was a wonderful experience to be a part of a team, having fun, working hard and making a difference for polio.  Edwin’s continued efforts to make a difference in the world are as remarkable as they are necessary.  It is no surprise that he will again do something extraordinary as a part of the Seoul Convention activities.  Go Edwin!!!”

Bradford Howard
Rotary International Director, Zone 25/26 2015-2017

“It was my honor to meet Edwin Velarde at a district conference in California.  It is tremendously impressive what he is accomplishing for Polio eradication.   With his passion and the support of Rotarians worldwide,  we hope we will soon no longer see children suffer from polio.  I am so pleased that he will be in Korea once again riding his bike to eradicate polio.  I look forward to seeing him in Seoul.”

Michael K. McGovern
Chair of Rotary International World Polio Plus Committee and Foundation Trustee

“What started as a soft idea and general discussion with Edwin Velarde at the 2013 District  5240 Conference to support a bike ride the following year to raise money for polio eradication turned in to an “Epic” event at our 2014 District Conference in Monterey, CA.  Thanks to the extraordinary organization and work by Edwin and his team, we raised over $30,000 for polio eradication that was sent to the Rotary Foundation and was then matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  This event not only launched the 2014 District Conference but also created a unique awareness of Rotary and the work to eradicate polio along the 200 kilometer ride from Paso Robles to the Monterey Peninsula.

As the 2014-2015 District Governor working with Edwin, I am most grateful for his dedication to creating such a dynamic event and for continuing to challenge himself and others to continue the work in eradicating polio. In stretching his abilities by riding 600+ kilometers from Busan to Seoul he uses his legs so that others will be able to use theirs.  So proud of you, Edwin!”

Loretta Butts
Governor, Rotary International District 5240 2014-2015

“We have so many “Polio Heroes” amongst us and I’m proud to say that Edwin Velarde is truly one of mine.   Edwin continues to go above and beyond to see that we “End Polio Now” and I know he is humble and wouldn’t begin to consider himself a heroThe upcoming ride in Seoul means so much to him and I know Rotarian’s around the world will support this magnificent and worthy effort.  We’ll be with you in spirit Edwin, all 600 kilometers from Busan to Seoul!”

Brenda Cressey
Rotary International Endowment Major Gift Adviser Zone 26
Governor, Rotary International District 5240 2001-2002