Meet the EPiC Busan-Seoul Team

The 600+ kilometers bike ride from Busan to Seoul from May 24 to 27th is quite a challenge.  The journey will pass through the multiple provinces as the team head north along the Nakdonggang River, mountain pass of Mungyeong Saejae and Namhangang River.  Safety and physical well-being are of great importance when embarking on a journey like this, especially in unfamiliar region.

The riders have never ridden a bicycle this far or been in South Korea.  Edwin Velarde with the additional issues of personally living with type-1 diabetes, both the training regimen and the 600k bicycle journey is a tremendous physical test, incredibly mentally daunting and logistically complex.

Ride support is crucial in making sure the riders are healthy and safe during the journey.

Meet the Epic Busan to Seoul Team!

The Riders

RotY 2014-15

Edwin A. Velarde – Leader, Logistics & Planning – Chair, Rotary District 5240 International Service (2016-2017); President, Rotary District 5240 Charitable Foundation (2014-2015); Chair, Rotary District 5240 Polio Plus Fundraising (2014-2015); President, Rotary of Westlake Village (2012-2013); Software Developer; Principal & Administrator of Oak Park Family Dentistry.


 Louie Reyes – Pace, Tech & Mechanicals  – Information Technology Specialist & Software Developer; Account Manager for a Major Travel Software Company; Cycling Enthusiast and Future Rotarian.

Support  & Contingency



Andrew Singh – First-Aid & Emergency  – Medical Student, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Touro University – Nevada; California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Bridges Stem Cell Scholarship Program, Stanford University; Masters in Bio-Technology, San Jose State University; Bachelors in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology, University of California Santa Cruz.


Merielle VelardeNutrition & Health – Research & Development Media Preparation, Genentech; Bachelors in Science – Biology, University of California Santa Cruz; Rotary D5240 Polio NID Team – India 2013; Rotaract Pre-Convention, RI Convention Participant/Exhibitor – Lisbon, Portugal.


Polio Plus Pledge Team

Loretta Butts – District Governor, Rotary D5240 (2014-2015), Charter President Rotary of Templeton (2001-2002)

Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith – DRFCC, Rotary District 5240 (2013-2016), District Governor, Rotary D5240 (2011-2012)

Brenda Cressey  – TRF Major Gifts Advisor Rotary Zone 22-23, District Governor, Rotary D5240 (2009-2010)

Anil Singhal – Rotary Zone 25 Polio Plus Fund Advisor, District Governor Rotary District 5240 (2008-2009)

Yavuz Atilla – District Governor, Rotary D5230 (2016-2017)

Luis Vega – President, Rotary of Makati South, Philippines (2009-2010)

Janice Berris – President, Rotary of Bay Laguna Philippines (2015-2016)