Ride EPiC Ventura County, meet the future of cycling – Velosport!


We are very excited to announce that Velosport is joing us at EPiC Ventura County on Sunday morning, October 16, 2016 during the weekend of Rotary District 5240 Conference in Westlake Village.  These young cyclists will be leading off the EPiC Riders.  Not to worry, they will be there to be our lead-off, not to race. These young riders come from all over Southern California and will be at the EPiC Start point in Weslake Village Hyatt to inspire the work of EPiC Riders and Rotary’s fight to End Polio Now.  Thank you Velosport!

Register Now for the EPiC Ventura County to meet and ride with some of the names you’ll see in the sport of cycling of the future.  Velosport’s record speak for themselves:

  • Largest Junior / U23 road team in the USA
  • USA Cycling’s “Junior Club of the Year” for four straight years
  • SCNCA SoCal Cup Champions for five straight years
  • 2016 SoCal/Nev Team Time Trial Champions
  • 6-2016 State Championships
  • 3-2016 National Championships
  • 2-2016 SoCal Cup Championships
  • Velosport Europe Team, Belgium, Sint-Martinusprijs Kontich
  • 2  wins, riding for 2016 USACycling Juniors Europe Team